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Our Company is specialized energy service company in Energy Audits, Measurements & Verification, Implementation of Energy conservation Measures, Thermal Imaging, Air Leak Survey and Solar PV Assessment. We audit your facility and identify areas where we can conserve energy.

In addition, the energy audit will give you better understanding about facility energy consumption and benchmarking. We believe that we are your good partner in Energy Management services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information


To be a partner in energy services and support our country vision


Through experienced and certified team from the world recognized associations, Enerizons company provide full-fledged services in energy management. We help our partners to achieve the best practices in energy conservation.


Energy Audit

We audit your facility and identify areas where we can conserve energy and save money. In addition, the Energy Audit will give …

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EPC Solar PV Projects

Our Company provides solar PV assessment and study to help you in taking the right decision in solar installation. We analyze …

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Electromechanical Services

Enerizons offers a cost effective and professional Electromechanical services focusing on customer needs, high quality products, and ensure reliable work within short period of time.

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Low Current Systems

Our company provides Low Current Systems to best suited client needs. We offer our business and knowledge experience to our customers to ensure high level of satisfaction…

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Implementation of ECMs

Our Company performs feasibility study of recommended ECMs, develop action plan, design your project and start …

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Power System Study

Our company provides a variety of power system studies including short circuit studies, protective device coordination …

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Measurement & Verification

Calculating and verifying energy savings are essential to proving the success of your project. We address some important…

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Air Leak Survey and Steam Trap

Our Company air leak survey helps to identify potential in reducing energy consumption in the compressed air systems….

Thermal Imaging Survey

Our Thermal Imaging inspection is a reliable, non-destructive, non-contact and a good effective way to detect and …

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Energy Training

We provide specialized training in Energy field including Energy audit, measurement and verification, Air leak survey …

Energy Efficient Products

Enerizons Company provides variety of energy efficient products through professional partners from different countries…

Fronius Solar Products

We are proud to be a Service Partner Plus of the world know Fronius solar products to provide before and after sales services.


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