Energy Audit Service

Our Company is specialized energy service company in Energy Audits, Measurements & Verification and Implementation of Energy conservation Measures.

We audit your facility and identify areas where we can conserve energy. In addition, the energy audit will give you better understanding about facility energy consumption and benchmarking.

We introduce our services through experienced and certified team from the world recognized associations.

Energy Audit scope includes the following steps:

  • Collect and analyze energy data
  • Study the facility and its operational characteristics
  • Energy performance assessment of electrical distribution system, lighting, HVAC, boilers, motors, pumps, compressors, building envelope and etc.
  • Identify Energy Conservation measures (ECMs)
  • Perform an engineering and economic analysis of potential ECMs and recommendations
  • Prepare audit report which includes audit findings, measurements and recommendations.


Energy audit report includes but not limited to:

Detailed report of energy audit findings and recommendations including an itemized list of recommended “ECMs” energy conservation measures that will capture cost-effective energy and financial savings

Engineering and financial analysis including all technical assumption, capital and installation cost estimates, annual energy and demand saving estimates, payback calculations