About Us

Enerizons is specialized energy company provides energy consultancy, services, products and training to institutions, facilities, corporates and energy decision makers. Our team has experience in energy industry on a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial facilities in public and private sector. 

Our team members are certified from world best institutions with high credentials and enjoy deep technical experience. Enerizons team applies a comprehensive approach to help meet regulatory approval based upon client aspiration and financial viabilities and go beyond regulations to reduce running costs and carbon emissions.

Our Vision

Through experienced and certified team from the world recognized associations, Enerizons presents a full-fledged profile in the energy industry. We help our customers to achieve the best quality of energy work.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to help all customers realizing the full potential of energy management.


This is where Enerizons consulting comes in. Enerizons has some of the most experienced staff in the energy industry, with expertise in electricity systems, energy management and project management. Enerizons supports decision makers with technical, contractual, financial consultancy and more. 


Enerizons offers clients with various energy related services to improve energy systems reliability and efficiency with lowest cost. Our services cover wide spectrum from generation to energy demand management services such as Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Green Building, and others. On average, Enerizons has helped its clients to reduce energy costs by up to 30%.







Enerizons is dedicated to upheld premium quality products.  We strive to provide a level of high quality products that meets our customer’s expectation. It is our mission to ensure our products achieving operation durability, energy efficiency, better monitoring and cost reduction.  Enerizons enjoys deep history with introducing local market our innovative products.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Enerizons believes that hands-on and customized training is vital to our valuable clients to address their concerns and meet their requirements. Our training topics cover various aspects related to Energy.