Power Grid

Power grid field is among Enerizons’s most important fields of expertise. New technologies are changing the monitoring, control, and operation of the power grid, making it more reliable and more resilient. 

We work with our clients to implement Smart Grid technologies to meet the needs of the evolving transmission and distribution grid by improving today’s reliability and flexibility while managing cost.

Our services include: 

• Power Systems Studies using PSS/E, ETAP and PSCAD

• Steady State Studies (Load Flow Study, Short Circuit Study, …etc.)

• Dynamic and Transient Studies

• Power Quality Analysis

• Capacitor Bank Sizing

• Arc flash & Earthing Studies

• Protection Coordination

• Microgrid Application Design

• Renewable Energy Resources Integration Studies

• Outage Management and Market Operations Studies

• Battery Storage Integration Studies

• Distribution Network Analysis

• Power Data Monitoring and Analytics