Thermal Imaging Service

Our Company is specialized energy service company in Energy Audits, Measurements & Verification, Implementation of Energy conservation Measures, Thermal Imaging and Air Leak Survey.

Our Thermal Imaging inspection is a reliable, non-destructive, non-contact and a good effective way to detect and document any anomalies in your facility. Thermal Imaging helps to detect, troubleshoot and fix issues to prevent any unnecessary shutdowns and failures.

We provide our service for different applications such as:

1.    Electrical Applications

·         Utilities

·         Electrical panels

·         Transformers

·         Primary power source

·         Switchgear

·         Low voltage installations

·         Fuse panels

·         Motor control center

·         Electrical cabinets

2.    Mechanical Applications:

·         Pumps

·         Process valves

·         Storage tanks

·         Pipelines

·         Motors

·         Conveyor belts and bearings

·         Boilers

·         Steam pipelines

·         Steam Traps

·         HVAC and Chilled water system

·         Furnaces and Kilns

·         HRSG Inspection


3.    Building Applications

·         Building envelope

·         Insulation inspection

·         Leaks


We introduce our services through experienced and certified team from the world recognized associations.



Thermal Imaging report include but not limited to:

  • Detailed report including thermal images along with digital images.
  • Images analysis, recommendations and actions priority.
  • Install Labels on the inspected equipment includes inspection date and equipment name.

We believe that we are your good partner in Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.